Sunday 29 June 2014

Secrets of the Tombs

Welcome to the website for my new series, Secrets of the Tombs. The first title, The Phoenix Code, was published by Orion's Childrens Books in July, 2014.

"A thrilling novel chock full of action and adventure that is inspired by the secrets, treasures and legends of the great ancient civilisations.  It is the first in an informative and entertaining new collection aimed at fans of history, but full of fast-paced excitement to make your heart race!" (Lovereading4kids)

If you liked the mystery and adventure of Adventure Island, I hope you will enjoy Secrets of the Tombs as well.There are lots of the same ingredients:

  • friendship and teamwork? Check!
  • unscrupulous criminals up to shady shenanigans and dastardly deeds? Check! 
  • problem-solving, code-breaking, and sleuthing of all kinds? Check!
  • menace and peril around every corner? Check!
  • funny bits? Check!
  • ice cream and cake? Check! 
  • brilliant illustrations by Leo Hartas? Check!
But now, with added extras!
  • history
  • archaeology
  • amazing locations in far-flung places
  • myths, legends and ancient treasures
  • and much much more (yes, the books are twice as long as an Adventure Island mystery!)
Three books are planned for the series. The Phoenix Code is set in the mysterious Valley of the Kings near Luxor in Egypt (famous as the burial ground of King Tutankhamun and numerous other New Kingdom pharaohs). The second book, The Dragon Path, will come out in 2015, and is set in China. As for the third book . . . watch this space!

I've absolutely loved writing The Phoenix Code and I hope that you will enjoy reading it.

"When Ryan Flint accompanies his journalist mother to an archaeological expedition in Egypt's Valley of the Kings, he isn't expecting life-threatening danger and a 3,000-year-old murder mystery - but that's exactly what he finds! Before he knows it, he has joined forces with Cleo McNeil, an archaeologist's daughter, to solve secret codes, discover an ancient treasure and outwit a strange cult intent on gaining possession of the relic. Can Ryan and Cleo unravel the mystery and solve the Phoenix Code before it's too late?"
The Phoenix Code also features fabulous line drawings by Leo Hartas (who also illustrated the Adventure Island sereis).  The drawings combine traditional Ancient Egyptian symbols with modern elements, and capture the atmosphere of the story perfectly. For more information vist Leo's website.

If you would like to buy The Phoenix Code on-line, visit the Orion Children's Books website or lovereading4kids

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