Tuesday 15 July 2014

The Phoenix has Launched

Heffers Children's Bookshop in Cambridge - one of my very favourite places - very kindly hosted an event to celebrate the launch of The Phoenix Code, the first book of my new series, Secrets of the Tombs.

This is my new book . . . it's only nine days old! If it were a human it would be in nappies!
Lots of lovely children (and their Mums and Dads) came along. I read an extract and talked about some of the legends behind the mystery - incuding the benben stone and the bennu bird. We dined on magnificent Egyptian-themed cupcakes (a big hit;  thank you to Sarah Jameson Creative for making them so beautifully) and Egytpian hisbiscus cordial or karkade (I'm not sure that this went down quite so well - mainly because it was pink and everyone thought it was summer fruit squash or Ribena and got a bit of a surprise when it wasn't that at all!)

These looked too good to eat . . . but we managed somehow!

The cakes are good but we're not sure about that pink stuff!

Then it was time to sign some books, crack some hieroglyphic codes and make some glittery scarab beetles - all at the same time!

Now, let's see if we can make a mess of this book shop . . . it was looking far too tidy

I'm sure you can fit some more glitter on that scarab . . .
Isabelle with the best dressed scarab beetle in town . . .

Thank you to Clair, Naomi, and everyone at Heffers for all your work in organising the event and cleaning up the glitter glue afterwards. The biggest thanks of the day go to my Mum, who had to do an emergency sprint from the car park (where I was stuck in a massive queue) to the shop to tell them that I was on my way, carrying a box of cupcakes, a large carboard Benben Stone and a plastic bag -  which I'd fogotten to mention contained a slightly leaky jug of bright pink karkade!

Luckily it washes out better than Ribena!