Wednesday 2 November 2016

The Table of the Tombs

One of the best things about writing the Secrets of the Tombs series was the chance to visit some fabulous parts of the world to research the settings for each book.

Karnak Temple

Terracotta Army

I came back with photographs, maps, tickets, brochures, menus from all the wonderful things I'd seen. While I was writing each book, I would have lots of them pinned up on the corkboard above my desk.

When I'd finished the books I was left with a question; what should I do with all those mementos now? I couldn't bear to throw them away. For a while they lived in a box on my desk but that took up a lot of room. I thought about a scrap book, but then, I had a brainwave.

For many years, the old pine coffee table in our living room had been getting tattier and tattier. Two kids, two dogs and a distinct lack of polishing action had taken their toll on what was not exactly the pinnacle of furniture perfection in the first place

So, some sanding down,

a large piece of glass, some cutting out and a lot of arranging bits of paper, later, I present The Secrets of the Tombs table . . .

The final result . . . The Table of the Tombs

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