Thursday 9 February 2017

Ancient Egypt Comes to Birmingham

I always enjoy school visits, but it was an extra special treat to visit Lyndon Green Junior School in Birmingham this week.

Y5 have been studying Ancient Egypt this term, and they've all been reading The Phoenix Code too. The children were all so incredibly knowledgeable and full of amazing questions. We had a lovely time chatting about books and how to write mystery stories.  You are very lucky to have such amazing teachers in your school who really promote the joy of reading and learning.

Can you spot the red herring?

So many questions, so little time!
I'd love to hear your thoughts about The Phoenix Code as you read more of the story. Who do you think stole the Benben Stone? What is that strange soapy smell? How many different birds can you spot? What is Nathan Quirk up to? Will Ryan ever escape that curse? 

And maybe you'll send me some of your own Ancient Egyptian mystery stories so I can read them? I have a feeling they're going to be spectacular!

I was so impressed by all the amazing displays about Egypt on the walls and can't resist sharing some of them here. Keep up the good work and thank you to all at Lyndon Green -  staff, students and parents who came along the book signing at the end -  for your warm welcome and support.

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